Hot and Cold

I’ve recently watched on an online video that stated how important sleep is and how it can effect different aspects of your life. There a wide variety of issues that are caused by the lack of sleep. Missing out on your ZZzzs can actually cause depression like symptoms and the longer you go without a decent night of sleep the worse the symptoms get.

In an interest of getting more quality sleep I’ve researched some of the best techniques to get a better nights rest. Here are some of the recommendations.

The technique that has worked for me is lowering the thermostat at night to keep the bedroom cool. The warm temperature that is caused under the blanket can actually wake you up in the middle of the night. Waking up enough to remove the covers actually disturbs your rest. Keep things cool by lowering the temperature between 60 and 65.

Setting up a cool routine can help our body get into a better cycle. It’s human nature for our minds to follow a routine and going to bed and waking up at the same time makes the whole process easier.

Keep the room darker and try to avoid using computers and mobile device for at least an hour before you go to bed. Our ancestors didn’t have lights to use when the sun went down, they slept when it was dark and were awake when the sun came up. The light from our devices can confuse our brain into thinking it’s still daytime.


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