Hot and Cold

I’ve recently watched on an online video that stated how important sleep is and how it can effect different aspects of your life. There a wide variety of issues that are caused by the lack of sleep. Missing out on your ZZzzs can actually cause depression like symptoms and the longer you go without a decent night of sleep the worse the symptoms get.

In an interest of getting more quality sleep I’ve researched some of the best techniques to get a better nights rest. Here are some of the recommendations.

The technique that has worked for me is lowering the thermostat at night to keep the bedroom cool. The warm temperature that is caused under the blanket can actually wake you up in the middle of the night. Waking up enough to remove the covers actually disturbs your rest. Keep things cool by lowering the temperature between 60 and 65. Continue reading Temperature?

Watered Down

Hey guys (and gals), it seems the hunt for special items dedicated to the Kasperians is going to be quite the struggle, but that is making it that much more fun. I am still trying to hunt down a copy of the book since Amazon doesn’t even have one. If anyone stubbles upon this page and has this guy, I’d love to purchase it!!*&!

I ordered another thing from Zazzle today, it’s a water bottle covered in some more neon spacetacular shapes and figures. The only down fall is it might take a few weeks to arrive. I’ve included a picture below.

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Kasperian Phone!

This is completely lame but this is the best find so far! Have you ever heard of the law of attraction? Here’s a quick overview, basically the theory states that like attracts like. So if you are a person that is always positive, you tend to attract positive things to your life. This is the same theory that says if you think about buying a red car, you will start to see them everywhere (this has happened to me, but with a green camry).

I’m sure your are lost and wondering where I am going with this.. Over the weekend I managed to drop my phone in the 30 inches of snow that we got. It worked fine for the first day, but then started to act up by shutting off randomly. Once we were plowed out I started to search for a shop that could help me. Okay, sorry I’m rambling again, basically I managed to find a cell phone repair service called Wireless Worm (funny name, I know). They had old cell phone cases from old Continue reading Kasperian Phone!

Kasperian Jewels



Okay, so this has turned out to be harder than I had expected. Finding products that even exist for these space crazy teachers has taken more time they I thought. Who would believe that even eBay doesn’t hold any of these jewels. Seems it was more of a one and done deal than I knew about, but obviously I was younger. The one part I remember about Odex was his upbeat nature about Continue reading Kasperian Jewels

Kasperians Video

Hey guys, In my search this morning I stumbled upon an interesting artifact.. It seems this exact site was actually dedicated to The Kasperians a few years ago. I located this video on YouTube that gives a brief description of who they were. Super interesting find! I have ordered a few of the items that I could find online. I’ll continue to scour the internet for other great finds, in the meantime, check out the video I found! Zoooweee!!


Who are the Kasperians

The Kasperian Gang

The Kasperians are what I consider the coolest little guys to ever make it into a book. What seem to be small aliens of sort are plastered on each page helping you learn letters, numbers and shapes if I remember correctly. This is just a small attempt to make a little blog about something I remember from growing up. I’ve rounded up a  few of the neat treasures that these guys made it on to. I’ll have a few posted soon and I am hoping to get my hands on a few items as I have always enjoyed collecting odd and hard to find stuff. Looking forward to this space age and fun adventure. ZOoooweeee!

Dedicated to The Kasperians. Book about letters, number and aliens